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Jesica Wilson

I love shopping at Greenmart! They have a wide variety of unique and exotic plants, and their prices are very reasonable. I always leave feeling inspired and excited to start my next plant project.


If you're looking for high-quality plants and exceptional customer service, Greenmart is the place to go. They truly care about their customers and their plants, and it shows in everything they do. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!


Greenmart has the best selection of indoor and outdoor plants I've ever seen. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, making it easy to find the perfect plants for my home.

Best Selller

  • Cestrum nocturnum “Night Queen or Night-blooming jasmine”

    Regular price Dhs. 47.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 47.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 58.00 AED
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    Suitable for outdoors, available in 10Ltr nursery pot with 60 – 80cm overall height.

  • Ocimum tenuiflorum/Tulsi plant/Holy Basil (20-30 cm)

    Regular price Dhs. 24.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 24.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 30.00 AED
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    Common Name: Tulsi plant, Holy Basil Family: Lamiaceae Synonyms: Ocimum sanctum Origin: India PH Level: Basic Fragrance: Yes Drought Tolerance: High Sun Tolerance: High Water Requirement: High

  • Ixora Coccinea 0.25-0.3cm

    Regular price Dhs. 20.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 20.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 34.00 AED
    Sale Sold out

    Note: Plants comes with nursery pot. This is ideal to plant in garden. Please transplant in bigger pot if you are looking to keep in pot. Amount...

  • Pine Bark Mulch – 45Ltr Bag (7KG)

    Regular price Dhs. 42.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 42.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 55.99 AED
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    One bag can approximately cover 1 meter square area. Packing: 45Ltr or Weight Approximately 7KG bag

  • Natural Carpet Paspalum Grass “Paspalium vaginatum”

    Regular price From Dhs. 18.00 AED
    Sale price From Dhs. 18.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 25.00 AED
    Sale Sold out

    Supply Only Natural carpet grass “Paspallum vaginatum” comes in 50x100cm rolls, one square meter contain two rolls. Mentioned price is  for per square meter. Kindly make...

  • Scaevola frutescens (Vahl Beach Naupaka, Hawaiian Half Flower, Sea Lettuce)

    Regular price Dhs. 19.90 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 19.90 AED Regular price Dhs. 25.00 AED
    Sale Sold out

    Max Height: 1-3.5m Spread: 1m Origin: Australia Family: Goodeniaceae Common Name: Vahl Beach Naupaka, Hawaiian Half Flower, Sea Lettuce Flower Colour: White Drought Tolerance: High Salinity...

  • Organic Potting Soil By Shalimar – Soil 100Ltrs

    Regular price Dhs. 50.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 50.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 54.00 AED
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    Ready to use potting soil with low nutrient elements to help germination process Best formulated as germination soil for all seeds. Derived from 100% organic multi-purpose...

  • Curved Pruning Saw with Scabbard 13″

    Regular price Dhs. 65.75 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 65.75 AED Regular price Dhs. 67.75 AED
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    Highly durable and effective saw for pruning and cuttings. Curved design to make wood cuttings easy and quick.

  • Conocarpus erectus ‘Saudi’ or Damas tree دمس

    Regular price From Dhs. 25.00 AED
    Sale price From Dhs. 25.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 35.00 AED
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    Max Height: 4-6m Spread: 6-8m Origin: Florida Family: Combretaceae Common Name: Buttonwood Flower Colour: Inconspicuous Drought Tolerance: High Salinity Tolerance: High Sun Tolerance: High Wind Tolerance:...

  • Bougainvillea “Pink Pixie”

    Regular price Dhs. 40.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 40.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 56.00 AED
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    Height: 30 – 40cm Max Height: 8-12m Spread: Indefinite Origin: South America Family: Nyctaginaceae Common Name: Paper Flower, Great Bougainvillea Flower Colour: Red Drought Tolerance: High...

  • Beige Gravel 1-2cm 20kg Bag

    Regular price Dhs. 15.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 15.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 22.90 AED
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    Used for paths, driveways and walkways as it settles flat and wears well and gives a bright and professional looks. great for updating outdoor living spaces....