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Jesica Wilson

I love shopping at Greenmart! They have a wide variety of unique and exotic plants, and their prices are very reasonable. I always leave feeling inspired and excited to start my next plant project.


If you're looking for high-quality plants and exceptional customer service, Greenmart is the place to go. They truly care about their customers and their plants, and it shows in everything they do. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!


Greenmart has the best selection of indoor and outdoor plants I've ever seen. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, making it easy to find the perfect plants for my home.

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  • Indian Sacred Lotus Seeds

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    Lotus is the national flower of India. No other plant figures so prominently in Asian religions as the Lotus. Unlike other members of water lily family,...

  • Cordyline Fruticosa Mambo "Good luck plant" 25-30cm

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    Cordyline Fruticosa Mambo The good luck plant, a lovely tropical foliage plant, with smokey burgundy leaves and striking pink markings that branch off a central stem. it really is...

  • Clerodendrum Inerme Ball Shape "Wild Jasmine" 70-80cm Dia

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    Clerodendrum Inerme Ball Shape Clerodendrum Inerme Ball Shape is an evergreen sprawling shrub having woody smooth stem, Leaves ovate to elliptical (5-10 cm) long, acute to...

  • Haworthia Cooperi "Window Haworthia" 4-6cm (Mini succulents)

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    Haworthia cooperi Haworthia cooperi was introduced for the first time in cultivation by Cooper in 1860, hence the name 'cooperi'. It is easily confused with other...

  • Araucaria Heterophylla Indoor "Norfolk Island Pine"

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    Araucaria Heterophylla Indoor Araucaria heterophylla is a green live plant is a beautiful and tall indoor plant known for its unique and striking appearance. Also known...